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  • When you confused about your feelings,MIXED ROSE BOUQUET  is a perfect gift! 
  • Roses can live for a very long time. There are rose fossils discovered that covers the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in germany has been there for over a millennium. 
  • All roses were originally wild and they come from several parts of the world, North America, Europe, northwest Africa and many parts of Asia and Oceania. 
  • Each color of the rose symbolizes certain value. Red rose is a symbol of love , Yellow of , Orange of enthusiasm , White of purity and Pink of joy. 


  • The Ribbons can be saved and used later for decorating gifts ! 
  • Green fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability. 
  • Due to government policies , non woven fabric which is used to wrap this bouquet will be substituted by paper wrapping in Mumbai , Pune & Bangalore.

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